Even though Atlanta is not as popular and commercialized as let’s say, New York and Los Angeles, it still has plenty of things to offer.  Except for the many things that make it special today,  Atlanta also has an interesting and capturing history.  It’s one of the most populous cities in the Fulton County, but it wasn’t like that before. What made Atlanta so important is that it’s placed on an intersection of railroads. That allowed it to be an important trading spot. In the Americal Civil War Atlanta made a lot of profit thanks to, again, her geographical position. It was the center of war supplies and equipment. Unfortunately, the city burned to the ground. It was an order by General William Sherman. What he didn’t, however, took into consideration is how quickly will Atlanta be restored and how it will grow even stronger and richer.

What about today?

The center of Georgia , today, has over half million inhabitants and it is the seventh most visited city in the United States. That isn’t really a surprise to us. A number of tourists is amazing. And they certainly have a lot to see and visit. Atlanta a student city; there are multiple universities here, and people from all over the States and world come here to experience the student life. Despite being placed in the South, Atlanta has a very liberal feel, and it’s open to everyone.


Therefore, a lot of festivals are happening here, especially in the Spring. Some of the most notable are Midtown Music; one of the greatest music festival in the region that is held for two days since 1995. There are also multiple smaller festivals that represent different genres of music like jazz, country, punk, etc. It’s a home to a very famous Atlanta Film Festival, one o the oldest festivals and very appreciated one.

However, if you are looking for something that a whole family could enjoy, look no more. Atlanta is the right choice. The most popular choice among families is the Dogwood Festival. It’s a spring festival that celebrates dogwoods as Atlanta’s native treasure. It also includes performances by different artists and fun competitions, activities for children, etc. If you are not that into festivals, you can also visit the World of Coca-Cola- the ultimate place to be if you want to know everything about this popular drink; it’s history, advertisement, stories, etc. It’s a fun place for a whole family. There is also Georgia Aquarium which is the world’s largest indoor aquarium, a magnificent place for every member of the family.

Atlanta is a home to a lot of historical and educational buildings such as Martin Luther Kin Jr. National site and Civil War Museum.  You can also visit the State Capitol or botanical garden and zoo if you want some outdoor activity. If you come to Atlanta be sure to check out a famous Philips Arena or Peachtree Center. And most importantly; don’t leave without experiencing the food here. Immigrants from all over the planet made Atlanta the best place for foodies. You can try all types of cuisines on every street corner. There is original southern food, Asian, Mexican and many other mixes.