There are multiple ways in which we can help you. Everything related to real estates in Atlanta and Fulton County is our job. We offer you cooperation with experienced professionals who will listen to your wishes and try to make them happen. In order to do the best job we possibly can, we need you help. We need you to communicate with us and to tell us everything you desire; your budget, details around designing, photographing and selling. Here are our services explained more deeply.

Designing building

Designing any building; commercial, residential, a house, a skyscraper is a complex and long lasting task. It can’t be done by someone who isn’t a professional because that can compromise the safety and overall quality of the building. To prevent that, our company offers you collaboration with top experts and architectures. We follow latest trends in designing such as 3D building design and we also have the right equipment and tools to provide you with te best designing service possible.  A good designer needs to be familiar with all aspects of building designing as well as te actual construction. He needs to know how to design the real estate according to the area where it will be and considering the position in a wider way ( city center, suburbs, etc.)


Photography became a huge part of our business. We came to the realization that no business can be done without advertising with photos. That is why we introduced this new service in 2015 and took into out company a big number of professional photographers from all over the States. Don’t be fooled; good photographies can not be done by someone who isn’t a professional. A real photographer will know how to make your real estate look the best. There are many components to be considered when taking a perfect photo; an angle, saturation, brighteness, deepness, contrast, position, background, color intensity and so on.


Selling your real estate is the core of our company. We started as a couple of real estate agents who had a similar idea in their minds; to help the homeowner find the best buyer and establish the best price for his property. We also want to help you find appropriate real estate according to your budget and way of life. As in the other services, in selling your property, you will be working with top agents and professionals in business and finance as well as experienced people who will measure the value of your home.

As you can see, Condos in Atlanta are the ultimate stop for everyone who wants to a) design his property b) sell his property c) advertise his property.  No more doing business with ten different companies just to achieve one goal. Join us, and you will have all your services in at one place. You will also be able to contact us whenever you want if you want to find out what’s going on with your project. Think no more and do business with Condos in Atlanta.