Even though our company is relatively new and young, we (staff) are actually very experienced, and we have been in this job for a long time. Our company started off as a family business experiment which also makes us special because we are very bonded and organized. Soon many of our friends who have also been in this field their whole life joined us on our adventure here in Atlanta.  In the very beginning, we didn’t take all of this so seriously, but once we realized that we have a team of serious experts and motivated young people around us we knew something had to change. In spring of 2013, we finally decided to get a proper office in which we could accept clients and discuss their wishes. Thanks to a big number of young people who were willing to work long hours because they believed in themselves and us, we got our license, our website, an official building of our own and offices around the Fulton County.


Even though our company is full of students who volunteer and young people who are just gaining experience, our leadership consists of three key persons who made all of this happen and who remain at their leading positions even today.

Christine Affinion

Being a president and running the business never seemed so easy. Christine Affinion does it all! Our company’s president studied at the University of Georgia and had a master degree in Finances and Business. From her early days, she knows she wanted to work as a real estate agent and from then she built her career in that direction. Before starting Condos in Atlanta, Mrs. Affinion did multiple jobs that all included being in a high position.

Mark Affinion

As a vice president and a leader of the communication center, Mr. Affinion has a lot on his plate. Somehow, he manages it all perfectly. He graduated from the University of New York and has a degree in Architecture and engineering. Mr. Affinion started working in different designing and architecting companies when he was only 17 years old. His experience and knowledge allow him to solve architectural and business problems easily and advise younger employees.

Jennifer Ruffelo

Ms. Jennifer Ruffelo is the company’s positive spirit and motivation. As the head of the advertisement section, Ms. Ruffelo knows how to deal with people and how to get them going when it’s the hardest. She graduated from the University of Georgia and has a degree in Psychology and Business. She deals with our social media, conferences, comes up with new projects and ideas. She is the exact reason why you can see all of the information about our company online!

We appreciate the help

But nevertheless, we couldn’t be here if there wasn’t for our beautiful young students and people who volunteer for our company. Condos in Atlanta are still active because many of those kind people recognized us as an opportunity to practice their knowledge and polish their skills. We are proud to say that we work with over 50 young volunteers and 60 professional architectures, designers, photographers and agents. All this is happening for you!